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The Wiggles & Hi Five
The Wiggles & Hi Five

The Wiggles & Hi Five

Cập nhật cuối lúc 23:29 ngày 22/05/2011, Đã xem 3 329 lần
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  Đơn giá bán: 160 000 đ
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  Hãng SX: English
  Tình trạng: Còn hàng   Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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The Wiggles & Hi Five (Show của bốn ông ,bốn màu áo đó, Gred = Vàng, Jeff = Tím, Anthony = Blue and Murray = Red ) Show nổi tiếng của Úc nhưng hay chiếu trên đài Disney 

Wiggles là show của bốn ông, bốn màu áo đó, Gred = Vàng, Jeff = Tím, Anthony = Blue and Murray = Red show của Úc nhưng hay chiếu trên đài Disney đó


DVD 1 : Wiggles - Hoop-Dee-Doo It's A Wiggles Party

Hơn một chục bài hát và khiêu vũ sôi độngtạo  thói quen cho Bé  2 - đến 8 -tuổi


There's rarely a warm seat in the house whenever the Wiggles command the screen. This time Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony host 50 minutes of flash and pizzazz in Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party. Over a dozen vibrant song and dance routines will inspire 2- to 8-year-olds to "Dance the Ooby Doo," "Move Like an Emu," and embrace the true spirit of "Hoop-Dee-Doo!" As if the delightful energy generated by these melodic gents and their usual cast of extras isn't enough, huge kaleidoscopic backdrops groove along with each song. Then there's Captain Feathersword: often giddy to the point of falsetto, here the good captain's comedic antics nearly cause his pirate buttons to pop. But, hey--it's a party! So fluff that feather sword, shine those dancin' shoes, and prepare to wiggle up an hour's worth of giggles, polkas, wobbles, and hula steps. (Yes, "mums and dads" find Wiggles tunes irresistible, too.) --Liane Thomas

DVD 2 : The Wiggles: Sing a Song of Wiggles! (2008)


This is the best dvd with Sam thus far,in my opinion.The songs are catchy and get in your head(Sing a Song of Sixpence", "Over In The Meadow")."Turkey in the Straw" is fun with the turkey costume on Jeff,and comical dance moves.Sam's vocals are amazing,most notably in "Black Velvet Band",,"Rock a Bye Baby"(that's his wife Lyn he's dancing with),and "Over in the Meadow".The costumes are elaborate and beautiful,and Captain Feathersword makes an amusing Humpty Dumpty.This video is very entertaining,from my perspective.My children have pretty much outgrown the Wiggles,but I still buy their dvd's for myself,because they're THAT good!

DVD3 : Wiggles - The Wiggly Big Show

  • http://www.tvmem.com/DATA/A-Z/W/WIGGLES/WAV/WVIDEO/BIGSHOWV.jpg

Pack your bags because it's time to go see The Wiggly Big Show! This video is recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on December 1998 for the "Toot, Toot!" tour. It stars The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Officer Beaples.

Song List
1. Officer Beaples' Dance (Instrumental)
2. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
3. Look Both Ways
4. Can You Point Your Fingers and Do The Twist?
5. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
6. The Monkey Dance
7. Silver Dance That Rings in the Night
8. We're Dancing with Wags the Dog
9. Tap Wags (Instrumental)
10. Our Boat Is Rocking Down the Sea
11. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship
12. Bucket of Dew/Paddy Condon from Cobar
13. Dorothy, My Favorite Dinosaur
14. Romp Bomp a Stomp
15. Hot Potato
16. Do the Wiggle Groove
17. Move Your Arms Like Henry
18. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!
19. Wiggly Medley
20. Wiggly Christmas Medley

DVD4 : Wiggles - Wiggle Bay


With Captain Feathersword at the helm, the 21st century's Fab Four rows into Wiggle Bay for a beach party--Australian style. That means "rosey tea," a good old-fashioned "barbie," rolling down sandhills, and--since they are the Wiggles, after all--a heck of a lot of singing and dancing. When the captain forgets to tie up the boat and it floats out to sea, the foursome resorts to their motto "When things go wrong, just sing a song." But it all works out when a friendly dancing (thrashing?) mermaid brings back their vessel. This 39-minute program features 11 songs, a seashell with a message, huge dancing stuffed animals (Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, and Henry the Octopus, of course...), and Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and Greg in berets making a brief attempt to serenade Wags in French. In short, it's more fun from Down Under for kids ages 2-8. --Kimberly Heinrichs

DVD5 :Wiggles - Wiggle Time


The Wiggles are Australia's hottest children's entertainment and it's easy to see why. This 40-minute video is packed with 16 fun songs that make children want to dance and, yes, wiggle. Greg Page, the main vocalist, has a pleasing, folksy voice reminiscent of Canada's Raffi. Murray Cook and Anthony Field accompany on guitar, Jeff Fatt accompanies on accordion and keyboard, and all three dance, wiggle, and teach kids song-specific movements and lyrics. The songs themselves have imaginative lyrics and catchy melodies, a fact that hints at Anthony, Murray, and Greg's backgrounds in early childhood education. Costarring with this foursome are four lovable, costumed characters: Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus, and Wags the Dog. The majority of the video features Greg, Murray, Anthony, and Jeff on uncluttered sets with simple background props that set the mood without distracting viewers from the musical experience. The latter portion of the video features several live performances ("Wags the Dog," "Five Little Ducks," "Wiggly Medley") from The Wiggles Big Show. The tour brought the foursome to America in 1999. This award-winning group from Australia provides a fun, interactive musical experience for kids ages 1 to 6. --Tami Horiuchi

DVD6 : Wiggles - Wiggles 15th Birthday


DVD 7 : Wiggles - Wiggly Safari


G'day from the Australia Zoo, where the Wiggles get wild with Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. It's a Wiggly Safari: 55 jaw-snappin', kookaburra-hootin', dolphin-splashin' minutes of grand adventure. A big ham himself, Irwin meshes naturally with the tuneful quartet as they sing, dance, and share factual tidbits about cockatoos, crocodiles, emus, and more. Colors pop off the screen as Dorothy, Captain Feathersword, and little dancers cavort through the zoo. Packed with 16 snappy tunes, this particular Wiggles collection revs up the tempo from earlier titles like Wiggle Time and Toot! Toot!Could this lush outdoor setting, where songs like "Dingo Tango" and "Cocky Want a Cracker" sizzle in the sunshine, be responsible for inspiring this ultra-imaginative play list? Or perhaps Irwin's invigorating presence stimulated the fresh, lively feel of this exceptional show. Regardless, Wiggles fans from ages 1 to 8 will surely delight in this musical tour of the Australia Zoo. --Liane Thomas

DVD 8 : Wiggles - Wiggly TV


Wa-hoo! The fab-four of fun, THE WIGGLES have produced their first DVD! WIGGLY TV contains over 90 minutes of Wiggling adventure, fun and music! Enjoy three episodes of the WIGGLES TELEVISION series that has delighted children across the world from Sydney to Seattle and Dublin to Dunedin!

As a special treat, this DVD has many features - laugh along with the WIGGLY BLOOPERS section, read along with the ELECTRONIC STORYBOOK, sing along with THE WIGGLES and play the special GAMES on the DVD ROM. There is even a WIGGLES WEB-SITE LINK. So many options, so much fun and so much music to enjoy!

DVD 9 : Wiggles - Yummy Yummy


I wasn't a big fan of THE WIGGLES at first, but I now love them, well because my daughter is amazed by them since she was only like 4 months old ( she will be a year old on halloween). I bought this cd because she started to cry in the car whenever I needed to take her with me, and you can only listen to a crying baby for so long before you want to pull your hair out. I put in the cd, and I swear, it was like a miracle, she was quiet the whole time. and she even falls asleep to it. The only drawback, the music gets stuck in your head, but at least you'll have hair. If you only want to buy one, make sure it's songs you are familiar with, i don't think there is the need for a lot of cd's...
barbara, growing her hair back in long island.

DVD 10 : Wiggles Space Dancing - An Animated Adventure


Jeff's asleep, and Anthony, Murray, and Greg are wondering what he's dreaming about. Magically transported into an animated dream world, the now-bobble-head-proportioned singers encounter a space ship and accidentally blast off into outer space. Their journey lands the Wiggles, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the dinosaur, and Wags the dog on the planet Rock Star, where they fill in as a backup band for the rockin' King Mondo (Ross Wilson). Then it's on to Planet Teeny Weenie where they experience the different culture of some very small people followed by a quick flight to Gloomy World where the power of laughter changes the lives of the Gloomies forever. Finally, it's back to Earth, where the sleepy singers are left to wonder, was it all just a dream? This 40-minute Wiggles presentation is very different from the standard staged Wiggles performances, featuring plastic wax animation with a minimum of real-life footage, a more cohesive story line, and a mere six songs. (Ages 1 to 6) --Tami Horiuchi

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DVD 11 : The Wiggles - Pop Go The Wiggles


DVD 12 : The Wiggles - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing



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