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The Firm Express Get Thin in 30
The Firm Express Get Thin in 30

The Firm Express Get Thin in 30

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  Đơn giá bán: 200 000 đ
  VAT: Liên hệ
  Hãng SX: Khánh Việt
  Tình trạng: Còn hàng   Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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Giúp bạn lấy lại thân hình thon thả với bộ đĩa "The Firm Express Get Thin in 30", trọn bộ 8 DVD giá 200k. Đây là bộ đĩa cực hay. Các bạn có thể xem thử tại đây: 


Đây là nguyên bản lời giới thiệu về bộ đĩa này, chúng tôi không dịch mà để các bạn biết giá trị đích thực của nó:

The FIRM's Master Instructors never stop searching for cutting-edge research and science to make The FIRM's already superior Cardio + Sculpt fitness formula even better than ever before, and they've found it with this amazing fitness breakthrough! Introducing the next generation of accelerated weight loss workouts, The FIRM Express™ Get Thin in 30. It's our quickest, most effective weight loss plan yet. And all it takes is 3, 20 minute workouts a week!

The FIRM Express offers you:

  • A Revolutionary Technique Called Mini Bursts, quick blast intervals combined with The FIRM's already powerful Cardio + Sculpt fitness method. Guaranteed to get you thinner, tighter and leaner - fast!
  • 30-Day, four cycle system specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss in just 30 short days
  • Each cycle includes three unique workouts, that's a total of 12 power-packed DVD's! PLUS a Bonus DVD to Kick Start Your Metabolism
  • Exercise LESS for FASTER results you only need 3, 20-minute workouts a week to see results, half the time than doing regular cardio
  • Burn up to 9X more fat than traditional cardio workouts
  • Work Out Smarter Not Longer and sculpt your thighs, buns, abs and upper body to perfection
  • 24/7 fat burning your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over - burn extra calories with no extra effort!
  • Flat abs through constant core muscle engagement
  • The FIRM is the ONLY fitness innovator utilizing this revolutionary technique. You won't see this in any other workout program!
  • INCLUDES: 12 ALL-NEW DVDs, a Fitness Guide with a 30-day mix and match meal plan and workout calendar, FREE 30 day VIP web club membership, 7-Day supply of LIFEMAX vitamins, and MORE including FREE BONUSES. See complete details.

Cycle 1: Ignite

Rev your body and get ready for great results!

Moderate to high impact, heavier weights (8-12 lbs)

  • Sculpt: A classic sculpting routine using lighter weights to sculpt lean muscle and burn fat using Mini Bursts to spark metabolism.
  • Cardio: Straightforward cardio moves with four easy-to-follow rounds of Mini Bursts to get your heart pumping and fire up the calorie burn.
  • Cardio + Sculpt: This fast paced, efficient program combines low impact cardio and 3D sculpting into one perfect workout that hits every muscle including those hard to tone abs.


Cycle 2: Accelerate

Carve and FIRM muscles while blasting calories!

Moderate to high impact, heavier weights (8-12 lbs)

  • Sculpt: A slower pace and heavier resistance spark calorie burn and target muscles. Adding weights to two of the four Mini Bursts ups the challenge and results.
  • Cardio: By adding plyometric jump transitions, simple sports drills get kicked up a notch, sending fat and calorie burn into the stratosphere!
  • Cardio + Sculpt: Following the same format as Ignite's Cardio + Sculpt, this routine pushes the effort with heavier weights and faster paced Mini Bursts.

Cycle 3: Turbocharge

Lean out your physique with the best in cardio coupled with muscle toning exercises.

Active re-charging, moderate impact, moderately-heavy weights (5-10 lbs)

  • Sculpt: Lower intensity and moderate weights allow your body to continue sculpting strong, lean muscle. Agility and balance elements engage mind and body while sculpting the torso.
  • Cardio: Here, Mini Bursts feature high powered progressions using kettlebell style exercises, with lower impact alternatives to suit your fitness level.
  • Cardio + Sculpt: Balance and agility progressions keep the body guessing and progressing. Mini Bursts feature fresh takes on classic calorie sizzlers for a total body workout.

Cycle 4: Overdrive

Now your body is primed for burning overall body fat, blasting belly fat and sculpting beautifully defined muscles.

Challenging cardio, heaviest weight (5-15 lbs)

  • Sculpt: Slowing the pace and using heavier weights will push you to the max! Sets are short and the exercises are targeted. Lighter weights used during Mini Bursts.
  • Cardio: Kickboxing moves while holding weights power charges calorie burn and revs up metabolism. No matter what your fitness level, you can master these sequences and push yourself to the limit.
  • Cardio + Sculpt: Targeted toners plus potent cardio blasts keep it fresh in this peak performance workout. Amazing total body cardio and head-to-toe sculpt!

The FIRM Express Fitness Guide

Want to shrink both your time commitment and your waistline? Then kick things up a notch! With The FIRM Express Get Thin in 30, you only need 3, 20-minute workouts a week - that's half the time of a typical cardio workout routine. And here's the best part: you'll burn the same amount of calories, and more fat! Want to learn more about this new and amazing fitness breakthrough? The FIRM Express Get Thin in 30 Fitness Guide provides instructional details About The FIRM Express and How It Works. You'll also Kick Start Your Metabolism in order to get targeted results burning up to 9X more fat than traditional cardio workouts. You can create your own weight loss program by picking and choosing from meal and snack lists with our 30-Day customizable Express Fat-Burning Meal Plan, 30-Day workout calendar, tips for success and so much more. Follow this plan and you'll get thinner, tighter and leaner in just thirty short days!

4-day Kickstart Plan

Be Thinner by Monday
This 4-Day Kick Start guidebook, meal plan and workout calendar have been designed to get you accelerated results guaranteed. By using The FIRM Express Get Thin in 30, you will Kick Start Your Metabolism targeting your butt, thighs, arms, and shoulders - while blasting belly flab! You'll combat cravings and reduce bloating by setting yourself up for success by conquering your cravings now. By cleaning up your diet, following the workout rotation provided and keeping a daily journal, you are going to watch as your body literally shrinks before your eyes in just four quick days! Whether you are just starting out on a weight loss plan, or have tried everything and still can't lose those extra pounds, we have everything you need to lose weight and sculpt your body slim. Get ready for rapid FIRMing and to have fun while you do it!

30-day VIP Webclub Membership

Learn about the secret to REAL success and become a member in the FIRM Believers Club - we give you the first 30 days absolutely free*.
The FIRM Believers Club offers daily online coaching and motivation, meal plans and more workout rotational calendars as well as live auditoriums with fellow FIRM Believers and your favorite Master Instructors. Don't miss your chance to maximize your success: studies have shown that people with online support such as the FIRM Believers Club lose more than twice as much weight than without any support. So make sure you become a Believer and with our 30 day free access it could not be any easier.

Lifemax Vitamin & Vitality Formula 7-day Supply

MAXIMIZE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS and MUSCLE BUILDING POTENTIAL by providing you with the essential nutrients and energy-enhancing botanicals you need to get strong and lean-FAST! Daily activities, illness and stress can deplete the body of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs for optimal function. When you exercise, your body needs even more of these nutrients to support the additional metabolic functions associated with weight loss and muscle building.

Free Bonus!

Bonus Kickstart Your Metabolism

  • Pump It Up!: Get fab results with this condensed version of The FIRM Express. All it takes is four highly effective and sequenced moves combined with four rounds of Mini Bursts to start melting all over fat. Perfect when you're high on motivation but short on time.
  • Shortcut to Flat Abs: A unique 3D ab training program using targeted exercises done standing, sitting, on your back and belly. The FIRM Express takes a science-based approach and infuses it with the latest studio techniques. A fun and effective core toning route!


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