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The Firm Cross Trainers: Firm Strength
The Firm Cross Trainers: Firm Strength

The Firm Cross Trainers: Firm Strength

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  Đơn giá bán: 30 000 đ
  VAT: Liên hệ
  Hãng SX: Khánh Việt
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Shop Khánh Việt
Shop Khánh Việt
Nhà sách trên mạng, Long Biên, Hà Nội
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The Firm Cross Trainers: Firm Strength delivers a challenging workout that is meant to used with other Firm workouts. For example, participants train one day with this video and the next day with Cross Trainers: Cardio. This variety can aid in keeping both the mind and body challenged while maintaining a well-rounded fitness regimen. Instructor Pam Cauthen leads this 50-minute workout as a strength-training program; however, cardio intervals have been added to enhance training effects. The splicing of aerobic and anaerobic exercise plays a key role in the overall effectiveness of this workout because the body is using multiple energy systems to fuel activity (this could mean greater potential for loss of fat and increase in strength). The major muscles of the upper and lower body are trained through practical exercises that are done with moderate repetition. The cueing comes quickly here and little information is given on correct form or safety concerns. First-time weightlifters may need to do some homework on form and proper body alignment before beginning. This program is ideal for intermediate participants or anyone who craves variety in their training regimen. You need a set of hand weights (3 to 8 pounds for women and 5 to 15 pounds for men) and an aerobic step (preferably a tall step and a short step).

The Firm Cross Trainers: Firm Strength


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